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Style Frames NYC / Hornet

Category Description

Title sequence for a live event (e.g. conference or festival)

Project Description

Ephemeral characters embark upon a journey in this new film. Commissioned to create the opening film for the Style Frames conference in NYC, the animator/director was given total creative freedom which he embraced by focusing on visuals rich with characters and landscapes. As this piece was developed for a creative conference, he cleverly plays with the symbolism of all types of people coming together to watch, learn and listen. The film unfolds as a mysterious and intriguing vignette from a larger quest, rising to an epic conclusion with a surprisingly light-hearted twist. By simply placing a light emphasis on narrative, the animator/director creates a space to facilitate interplay between the character driven and atmospheric elements throughout the film.


Production Co - Hornet
Directed, Designed, Animated by - Eran Hilleli
Executive Producer - Hana Shimizu
Producer - Anna Lauren Tufekci
Music & Sounds by - Disasterpeace
Additional Designs by - Jonathan Djob Nkondo
Additional Animation by - Daniel Moos
Additional Modeling & Animation - Yoav Shtibelman & Uri Lotan
Thank you to - Hornet, Stephen Price, Noa & Gili, Lior Ben Horin, Coolmaritime.