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Precipicio / Wendy Eduarte

Category Description

Video project created as part of school studies by a team of two or more students

Project Description

This short animation is a journey through someones last day of life. The main character goes through his daily routine coping little by little, with the fact that he is going to die at the end of this day. He watches closely how his life fades away, finally feeling powerless, he lets go of it.This concept touches on how short and ephemeral life can be, and when we least expect it, things come to an end. The purpose behind the animation is for the audience to have a cathartic moment were that fragility and sense on being powerless might become a reflection to experiencing life to the fullest.


Concept, Direction, Design and Animation by Wendy Eduarte
Written by William Eduarte
Additional Cel Animation by Ana Chang, Youran Wang, Eleena Bakrie, Whitney Lam and Miao Wang
Voiceover by William Eduarte
Music by Hyson-All will see
Sound Design by William Eduarte