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Forms In Nature / Chromosphere

Category Description

Any short form, non-commercial piece

Project Description

An audiovisual meditation on mankind’s scientific achievements and the wonders of the natural world. This film celebrates how science deepens our connection to the universe with study and curiosity.

We made this film to inspire and to remind the audience of the incredible beauty that exists everywhere in our world. It's our duty as humans to not just understand, but also to protect and live in harmony with our world.

Every scene represents an important scientific discovery, innovation, or topic of eco conservation. It opens with the beginning of life on earth, continues to show the diversity of our ecosystem, highlighting several landmark scientific achievements (evolution, space exploration, biology), and concludes with some of our most ambitious efforts to explore outside of our home planet.

We had a very non-traditional process for making this film. It began as a random series of vignettes and illustrations with the common theme of scientific aspiration. Then our composer created the score utilizing a structure with 4-second intervals. We used this piece of music to create a framework for the whole film. The scenes were animated and placed into an edit wherever they seemed to fit with the song. The result is non-linear and meditative.

We treated this process as a completely organic collaboration, with each person's work guiding the final result.


CHROMOSPHERE / Kevin Dart, Stéphane Coëdel, Nelson Boles
MUSIC & SOUND / David Kamp