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Ladi6 Beffy / Parallel Teeth

Category Description

Music video prominently featuring motion design and/or a design-centered approach to filmmaking

Project Description

We tell a story of friendship and working together through difficult times. Unfolding around Ladi6’s latest single, the video for Beffy is a rhythmic and colourful animation that explores and unfurls through two worlds that eventually intertwine and become one.

The video follows L6, a character inspired by frontwoman Ladi. Obstacles from the lyrics come to life and get in L6’s way but she works through them with a bit of help from her friend, 6L. We twist perspective giving the animation a surreal and playful tone which works alongside the song’s wonky melody. Ladi6 are a New Zealand band, returning with their first single since their 2013 album Automatic. Having worked on two videos for them before, Ladi6 approached us to make a third with an open brief.


Director/Animator - Parallel Teeth
Music - Ladi6