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Salesforce Lobby Video Wall / Obscura Digital

Category Description

An installation, projection or location-based experience (not necessarily interactive)

Project Description

We were approached by Salesforce to collaborate on the creation of imaginative media for the 108’-long LED video wall in the lobby of their San Francisco headquarters. The display is the longest continuous 4mm LED screen in America, with over 7 million pixels at 8,000x800 resolution — and there was no commercially-available camera able to shoot at that resolution at the time. And at that size, significant technical wizardry would be required to make the display feel like it was scaled properly, and truly feel like a window into the world rather than just a video.

Our challenge was to envision and produce work that would transform an otherwise banal passageway into a mesmerizing hyperreal environment. We wanted to do something artful that wouldn't overwhelm. We wanted to create a conversation starter with inspiring imagery. We utilized a combination of techniques including video, CG graphics, a practical miniature table-top shoot, even an algorithmically-generated animation component to create new non-looping patterns. We also developed specific scenes for morning and night viewing, conveying appropriate moods and energy, driven by a custom-built CMS. From capturing California’s Redwood National Forest in stunning 12K resolution, to a designing a convincing CG waterwall and more, we held nothing back in striving to impart a sense of wonder to everyone that enters the building.


Emmett Feldman, Senior Art Director, Obscura Digital
Tim Digulla, Senior Art Director, Obscura Digital
Marc Melzer, Director of Media Arts, Obscura Digital

Lauren Millar, Executive Creative, Fusion CI Studios
Mark Stasiuk, VFX Supervisor, Fusion CI Studios

John Zissimos, Chief Creative Officer, Salesforce
Beau Bouverat, Film Director, Salesforce
J.D. Swartz, VP General Manager Creative and Digital, Salesforce
Mike Mazza, Lead Designer, Salesforce
Katie Rinki, Director, Executive Producer Broadcast and Film, Salesforce
Taylor Hilficker, Business Manager, Salesforce