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June / Broad Reach Pictures & Chromosphere

Category Description

A single spot advertising a product or service (broadcast or online)

Project Description

An animated short film on how community is created through ride-sharing.


JUNE is an elderly widow residing quietly in the historic Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago--her late husband’s vintage muscle car adds the only contrast to an otherwise lonely existence. Her routine unexpectedly shifts when the car--once a symbol of young love and a glitzy Motown career--is totaled in a random accident. In the aftermath, June must abandon nostalgia in exchange for the modern world by using a rideshare app for the first time. Once she purchases a new car, June slowly observes the community and social outreach ridesharing provides throughout her city. June takes the initiative to join this new world and finally puts herself back in the driver’s seat of life.


Directed by John Kahrs

Story by
John Kahrs
Ricardo Viramontes

Gennie Rim

Visualized by Chromosphere

Music by Christophe Beck

Broad Reach Pictures
Production Supervisor
Maddie Lazer

Editorial Consultants
Darren Holmes
Karl Armstrong

Polly Guo
Michael Daley
Ryan Gaffney
Everett Downing

Tiarre Mayden
Kimberly Brooks

Production Design & Animation by Chromosphere

Kevin Dart
Myles Shioda

Théo Guignard // Visual Development
Arthur Chaumay // Visual Development
Tiffany Ford // Character Design
Jasmin Lai // Visual Development
Emily Paik // Prop Design
Sylvia Liu // Visual Development

Pedro Vergani // CG Generalist
Feed Me Light: Felipe Hansen, Denis Bodart, Denis Bouyer, Richard Kazuo Maegaki // Character and Environment Builds
Mattias Bjurström // Vehicle Modeling and Texturing
Theresa Latzko // CG Generalist

Nelson Boles // Lead Animator
Claudio Salas // 3D Character Animation
Alex Grigg // 3D Character Animation
Jonathan Djob Nkondo // 2D Character Animation
Bill Northcott // 3D Character Animation
Vitaliy Strokous // 3D Character Animation

Lighting & Rendering
Camille Perrin // Lighting & Rendering

Stéphane Coëdel // Lead Compositor
Rob Ward // Compositor
H. Kristen Campbell // Compositor
Alasdair Brotherston // Compositor

Additional Help
Nate Funaro
Keiko Murayama
Rachel Chu
Jim Levasseur

Production Baby
Rosalind Nova Yuriko Dart

Sound Designer
Kenneth L. Johnson M.P.S.E.

Sound Engineer
James Rim

Re-recording Mixers
Jamey Scott
Michael Babcock

Post-Production Audio Facilities:
Warner Brother Post Production Services, Burbank, CA.
Dramatic Audio Post, Inc., Burbank, CA.

DI by Technicolor

Written by Sir the Baptist
Performed by Sir the Baptist
Produced by Sir the Baptist
Recorded at Tympa Studios (Chicago, IL)
Vocalists: Olivia Tapia and Chrystal Harris
Drums: Desmond Davis
Keyboards: Marshon Lewis
Bass: Robert Woolridge Jr

Max Morse, Producer
Ellen Black, Producer
Jesse McMillin, Lyft Creative Director
Ricardo Viramontes, Lyft Creative Director
Austin Schumacher, Director, Entertainment Marketing

Special thanks to:
Angie Sun
Bryan Wilson
Lisa Pyle
Maria Correa
Kira Wampler
Gina Ma
John Zimmer
Logan Green
Brian Roberts
Lisel Welden
Kenneth Kleinberg
Alex Plitt
Whitney Hudak
Gail Perry
Jay Cohen
Cassandra Barbour
Blaise Hemingway