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Vice News Tonight / VICE

Category Description

Motion graphic elements intended to present information within a news program (broadcast or online)

Project Description

Last October, VICE News rebranded and launched a nightly news broadcast, VICE News Tonight. The show is like no other, due largely to its visual language. This submission shows examples from a dynamic design system that functions as the show’s structure and voice.

The show has no anchor, leaving design as its host, and baking the brand into the storytelling. The system balances rules and flexibility to enable the organization to ship a new episode every weeknight. Video pieces integrate with’s web product through a consistent grid and typographic schema. This same stark framework acts as a lattice for wild illustration.

This is a brand built to support intrepid investigative journalism and hard-hitting stories.


Kenton Powell
Brian McGee
Michael Deal
Lucy Paynter
Leslie Xia
Alex Stockton
Kaz Ishii
Kris Cave
Andrew Macfarlane
Tim Livezey
Allison McCann
Isabella Mckinley Corbo
Taylor Dolven
Reid Cherlin
Patrick Heij
David Wardell
Grace Shin
Abbey Lossing
Josh Tyrangiel