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A series of identification spots created for a content channel (broadcast or online)


FX Networks
President Marketing & On-Air Promotions, FX Networks: Stephanie Gibbons
EVP, On-Air Promotions, FX Networks: John Varvi
SVP, Design, FX Networks: Steve Viola
VP, On-Air Promotions, FXX: Ethan Adelman
VP, Design, FX Networks: Amie Nguyen
Director of Production, Design, FX Networks: Dara Barton
Director, On-Air Promotions, FXX: Tom Cropper

Design & Animation: Laundry
Creative Directors: PJ Richardson, Anthony Liu
Head of Features & Broadcast: Dan Masciarelli
Executive Producer: Lindsay Bodanza
Design: PJ Richardson, Yongmin Park, Andrew Zaozirny
2D Animation: Yongmin Park, David Colarik, Samantha Liu, Brett Albert, Ramzi Hogan