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Ben Radatz


Filmmaker, designer, writer and photographer, Ben Radatz is also co-founder of the design collective MK12, who since 1999 have been making things move for TV, film video games and their own in-house projects.

Ben is a frequent keynote speaker and presenter at film festivals and industry events worldwide and has received several awards and grants for his film and photography, including the Princess Grace Young Filmmaker Award in 1998 and the Lighton International Artist Exchange grant in 2005, for which we travelled to Chernobyl and documented the abandoned workers’ town of Pripyat. He is currently on a mission to document every remaining drive-in theater in the Midwest.

A Kansas CIty Art Institute graduate, Ben continues to push the boundaries of motion design through a unique blend of new technologies, nostalgic influence and experimental storytelling.

Ben is also an industry advocate and enjoys picking fights with people on the internet.